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Profit from Reselling Merchant Gift Cards

Get Discounted Merchant Gift Cards

  • Redeem Discover Cash-back for Discounted Merchant Gift Cards
    • Discover card offers discounted merchant gift cards for redemption, such as redeem $20 for $25 Staples gift card.
  • Buy Discounted Merchant Gift Cards during Sale
    • Purchase discounted merchant gift cards from flash sale, such as 20% off all gift cards on eBay. Sometimes eBay’s flash sale provides promo code that applies on discounted gift cards.
  • Buy Merchant Gift Cards with AMEX Offers
    • Most AMEX Offers are not excluded mail gift card. Earn the AMEX Offers by buying merchant gift cards.

Sell to / List on Gift Card Exchange Portals

  1. Check merchant gift card sale price / cash value on sites like Gift Card Granny
  2. Sell them when sale price / cash value is higher than cost
  3. Get your payment by check, PayPal or ACH (depends on portals)

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