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Prerequisite for Churning Banking Bonus

Getting Started

There are things that you should do before starting churning. Basically, you have to comfort to meet the requirements of the bonuses. If you are ready, please continue reading and follow the steps below.

Cash Advance Limit on Credit Cards

Banks and credit card issuers love to charge fees, e.g. interest, late fee, cash advance fee, etc.

When you apply for a credit card, your credit limit always includes cash advance limit. Cash advance is a fee that occurs when you withdraw cash/ cash-equivalent from ATMs and merchants on credit cards. It can also occurs at bank account funding.

Most banks and credit card issuers allow primary cardholders to lower or cancel cash advance limit. Before you fund a bank account with your credit cards, you need to lower or cancel the cash advance limit. Moreover, check our data-points before funding and make sure you use the card that cash advance limit has been lowered or cancelled.


  • Chase – Minimum $20
  • Citi – Minimum $0
  • Discover – Minimum $0


  • AMEX
  • U.S. Bank
    • U.S. Bank’s Elan

Hard & soft Pulls on credit report

When you apply for new account at banks and credit unions, they always do a credit check on you before approving you except no credit check product.

There are two types of credit check: hard and soft inquiries.

  • Hard pull leaves a record on your credit report.
  • Soft pull on your credit report does not affect your credit score.

In order to maximum your churning opportunities, you should avoid any hard pull when you opening new bank accounts. Check our data-points on hard & soft pull.

In addition, opt-in overdraft protection usually results in hard pulls. You should uncheck or prevent overdraft protection on your bank account applications.

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