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Liquidate Cash Gift Cards

Use for Everyday Spend

  • You can pay your bills and tabs in-store
  • You can buy merchant gift cards and cash / sell them

Pay Estimated / Annual Tax

  • IRS allows you to pay your tax with credit / debit cards using third-party processors
  • Cheapest option for debit card is Official Payments ($2.50 fee for under $1000, $3.95 for above)

Pay Rent

  • Radpad does not charge fees using debit card for rent below $5000
  • As you know, cash gift cards are debit cards. Therefore, you can use gift cards to pay your rent

Send & Receive Moeny to / from Friends

  • Venmo offers free debit card money P2P service. You can link cash gift card as debit card and send the balance to a friend

Reload into Prepaid Card

  • You can reload into prepaid card when merchants accept debit cards on cash reload for a fee / free if you have a prepaid card that waives such fee
  • You can transfer to your bank accounts / withdraw at ATM

Buy Money Orders

  • You can buy money orders using debit cards at any USPS and Walmart MoneyCenter for a small fee
  • You can deposit money orders at teller / ATM / mobile app (depends on bank)

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