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#EXPIRED# iConsumer Increased Cash Back Until End of the Month




  1. eBay cash back is capped at $20 per month per person. Caps may change (going forward) without notice.
  2. As always, only purchases the merchant gives iConsumer credit for will result in credit to you. Merchants may initially give credit, and then reverse that credit. Merchants’ decisions are final. Purchases that are deemed fraudulent by the merchant and are reversed by the merchant will result in a reversal of the cash back award. Items returned to the merchant will result in a reversal of the cash back award.
  3. Please review this article to see how cash back payments are made.
  4. iConsumer reserves the right to end or modify this promotion at any time without notice.
  5. Please view our disclaimer regarding the value of stock shares and caution concerning forward looking statements.
  6. Cash back rate is determined by when you used iConsumer to visit the store, and when you made your purchase.
  7. Remember, you earn 100 additional shares for each friend who joins and shops so pass this on to every one you know.

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