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Mango VISA Prepaid Card Review


  • Optional Savings that Earns
    • 6% APY Interests (up to $5000) with $500 Net $800 Direct Deposit / month
    • 2% APY Interests (up to $5000) without Direct Deposit
  • Interests are Paid Every Quarter
  • Savings is FDIC Insured
  • Backed by Sunrise Banks
  • Offers Android and iOS app

Monthly Fee

$3 (non-waivable, charge on the last day of the month)

Should Know

  • Interests are reported on 1099-INT
  • Transfer from PayPal takes one business day
  • After monthly fees, interest rate of $5000 is 5.28%
  • Unbelievable outdated user interface

Don’t Do

  • ATM Withdrawal ($2 each)
  • ATM Balance Inquiry ($1 each)

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