$200 opening bonus ~ PNC Virtual Wallet Checking Pro

An east deal with pretty easy direct deposits. It used to be better with easy credit card funding.


  • Nationwide


  • 8/31/2020
  • 9/30/2020
  • 10/29/2020
  • 12/31/2020
  • 3/1/2021


  • Receive total of $2000+ direct deposits within 60 days


  • Offer is contingent on product availability and may vary based on where you open your account and your address. For online origination, visit pnc.com and enter your home zip code to confirm product availability. For Branch/Solution Center origination, product availability will be based on the physical PNC location. You may earn a $200 reward if you open a new Virtual Wallet Checking Pro. Your reward amount is based on the product type you open.

  • To qualify for the reward, the new Virtual Wallet Checking Pro must be opened online via the application link on this page OR at a PNC Solution Center between 2/2/21 to 3/1/21, and a qualifying Direct Deposit(s) must be received within the first 60 days. Your Virtual Wallet Checking Pro must remain open in order for you to receive the reward, which will be credited to the eligible account within 60-90 days after all conditions have been met and will be identified as "CREDIT CHECK PRO REWARD" on your monthly statement.

  • AA qualifying Direct Deposit is defined as a recurring Direct Deposit of a paycheck, pension, Social Security or other regular monthly income electronically deposited by an employer or an outside agency into the Spend account of a Virtual Wallet Checking Pro. The total amount of all qualifying Direct Deposits credited to your Spend account must be at least $2,000 for Virtual Wallet Checking Pro. Credit card cash advance transfers, transfers from one account to another, wire transfers or deposits made at a branch or ATM do not qualify as qualifying Direct Deposits.

  • New account will not be eligible for offer if any signer has signing authority on an existing PNC Bank consumer checking account or has closed an account within the past 90 days, or has been paid a promotional premium in the past 24 months. If multiple accounts are opened with the same signers, only one account will be eligible for the premium. For this offer, signing authority will be defined by the customer name(s) and Social Security number(s) registered on the account. Offer may be extended, modified or discontinued at any time and may vary by market. The value of the reward may be reported on Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 1099, and may be considered taxable income to you. Please consult your tax advisor regarding your specific situation.